Solar storm tanning bed manual

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The following lamps have been certi˜ed for use in the Solar Storm 16R, 24S, 24SR, 24R, 32S or 32R models: 2645 Inferno Wol˚ lamps (15 minute) 1704 FT LSI lamps (20 {TANNING BED INSTRUCTION MANUAL - HotTanningBeds}.

TANNING BED INSTRUCTION MANUAL 24C/32C. Solar Storm Lamp Con˜guration Clean and disinfect your tanning bed’s bench and canopy after each use. {24C/32C - Tanning Beds: Home Tanning Beds and Commercial }.

Pushing this button you start the tanning MANUAL 2b/5 Practical diagram of the bed feeders cassette Golden Sun t_usa.doc {Golden Sun t usa - SportarredoUSA}.

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